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The goal of the game is to remove as many balls as possible by forming lines.
You can do so vertically, horizontally and by diagonal using the balls of the same color only.

Aim is to clear you board ASAP!
This puzzle game is quite addictive, be prepared 😉
Free flow like minimalistic 3 match puzzle game.


► There's a square field 9×9 shown on the screen.
► Program randomly places 3 balls of a different color.
► There are 7 possible colors.
► You can do so horizontally, vertically and bias.
► When you get a line removed, 3 new balls don't appear.
► Otherwise each ne move is accompanied by the appearance of 3 new balls.

Get a highest possible score. This is the best puzzle for your brains!

You will enjoy lines if you used to play simple but strategic games!

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Download Lines! apk

It’s a fun game based on the concept of a popular childhood game called Pick Up Sticks.

Lines! features 3 distinctive gameplay types:
Arcade – See how many lines you can remove before your life runs out. Several special items will help you along the way, while others may try and slow you down

Time Attack – Time is important here! Remove as many lines as possible within 30 seconds!

Minesweeper – One mistake and you’re dead! Remove the correct lines to score. But don’t take forever because the longer you sit there, the less points you will get in the end! And if you think a bit too long, the mines will go off on their own!

Game is built on And Engine GLES2.0.
The game features colorful graphics, addictive game modes and a cheerful and catchy tune

★★★★★ REVIEWS ★★★★★:
PLAYANDROID.COM (30.10.2012)
The graphics are clear and colorful and they match the scenery of the 70s pretty well. According to that, the background music and the sounds are apt as well, due to its funky tunes and cute plop-sounds. Besides that, the controls are super easy because the only thing you have to do is tapping on the lines to make them disappear. Furthermore the scope of this game is quite okay due to three special lines (locked, health and bomb) and three various game modes (Arcade, Time Attack and Minesweeper).

ANDROIDTAPP.COM 4/5 (1.11.2012)
Should you Download Damn Lines!? Definitely check the game out if you like simple puzzle titles. It’s simple to play, hard to master and comes with various modes to get stuck into. For short bursts it’s thoroughly engaging and enjoyable.

Damn Lines!, Lines!, Pick up Sticks