Download Mary Had A Little Lamb Free apk

Boys and girls come sing along and play with Mary and her favorite lamb as they enjoy their day together. Mary and her lamb are always having fun and now you can have fun too!

Embark on a playful trip filled with activities where you can help Mary and her lamb complete pictures of their travels, puzzles and their activity book. You can also, play a game of hide-and-seek and tag with them.

This nursery rhyme game is specifically designed for preschoolers (kids in kindergarten) to encourages interaction with various elements of the rhyme, thus enabling kids to feel like they are a part of their favorite rhyme with the added educational benefit.

● Complete the picture of Mary and the Lamb around the world
● Spot the color of the Lamb’s fleece and Mary’s dress
● Help the Lamb through the Maze to find Mary
● Help the teacher turn the Lamb out
● Play a fun memory game
● Learn the names of various objects
● Match the pairs

● Memory
● Hand-eye coordination
● Planning
● Object – Word Identification

Every HooplaKidz App incorporates learning in a fun and playful way; this is done through association and trial-and-error. In addition, learning is encouraged through appropriate and healthy reinforcement.

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