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Cannot live without fashion? Mode gives you a medium through which you can experience the latest fashion trends and shop the latest fashion collections. Dozens of new fashion products that will be updated everyday can make sure that you are never out of fashion. Mode will lead you to the latest fashion world and let you have the unique shopping experience.

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Mode is your personalized fashion shopping assistant and advisor.

To know your personal fashion style well, you can swipe like or unlike for each16 pieces of new fashion collection constantly. The more you like, the better Mode will know you. It will get smarter and smarter to become your Shopping helper. In mode, shopping will be quick effecient but relax

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Here you can find great tips on everyday women lives, such as Love, Beauty, dieting, travel, health and etc. A few fashion handpicked related collections at the end of the article might create your shopping wishlist.
While reading interesting topics, you can also shop the fashion collections.

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Join Mode, Be a model! Wanna endorse the new fashion products? Photo yourself wearing products you have shopped and create your own fashion styled outfits, upload to Mode and you have a chance to become fashion model for that style. Meanwhile, you get to share your your fashion looks with your shopping collections through Facebook to all your friends!

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