Download News Reporter Simulation Drive apk

Welcome we have some breaking news for you the new game news reporter simulation drive is one of the best action driving and flight game there
your job is very simple make the best news report of that day so dont hesitate to get in your news helicopter or news fan and race to the location.
fly throught the sky or race throught the city streets it all comes down to that one second.
news reporter simulation drive is one of the most unique games you can find on your mobile or tabled so make sure you download this awesome game and test it to limit
a news reporter see weird things every day from a common robbery to a breaking out zombie apocalypse so are you ready to see things through the eye's of a news reporter
and are you willing to do the things needed to get that one perfect camera shot
news reporter simulation drive is an amazing game where you need awesome driving skills and spy skills so you better have alote of patience.
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this challenging game wil test your driving abilities so check your mirror angles, check the clearance, make sure you have one foot on the gas pedal and the other over the brake to avoid crashes and scratches and smashes by thinking of your car as a continuation of your body.
news reporter simulation drive parking is amazingly well designed game created for those who love action packed driving.
are you so good that you wil show of your awesome driving skills. and are you willing to drive through the most excited city.
this is one of the best parking simulation games of 2014. news reporter simulation drive parking wil let you enjoy every second of this news action game

news reporter simulation drive features:
– Amazingly realistic new report missions
– be a news start
– Show off your skills
– Obey your boss
– Zombies

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