Toddlers Doodle Toy! apk

Toddlers Doodle Toy, it is with Multi-Touch support, is an great app for toddlers and even the little kid in all of us adults to discover our creativity! Draw, magic paint and create very cool designs and artwork from scratch. It's so easy to use and lots of fun!
Fun comes to your finger, you can paint even animated drawings. Start painting your masterpiece now.
There are many drawing effects for them to choose from — Choose any effect you like, turn it into a animated version of the color or even hit the Rainbow button to draw with a rainbow colored brush! Kids love the painting! There are three of effects to choose from too, you can animate your…


Cute Dogs Kids Jigsaw Puzzles apk

Must have game for every kid who love Dogs.
30 Lovely jigsaw and swipe puzzles for kids and toddlers with cute dogs.
Adjustable to your child's skill level. Drawings too!

Your kids will just love these hand drawn puzzles and improve his cognitive and spatial skills. This game encourages design, image and shape recognition, eye hand coordination.

Positive and pleasant feedback for the kid for each part and when puzzle is complete.

* Enjoy 30 Unique Puzzles
* From 2 pieces up to 30 pieces – you choose your skill level.
* Two puzzle types – jigsaw puzzle and swipe puzzle
* Paint activity – paint over your favorite puzzles.
* Fun mini games at end of each puzzle – pop balloons or bubbles.
* Easy…


Paint Pot Lite apk

Welcome to Paint Pot Lite.

This is the free version of the kids coloring book app designed for pre-school children, aged between 2 and 5 years old.
Paint Pot Lite is an easy to use app which allows children to learn through play, on both large screen mobile phones and tablets.
Whilst playing, your child will quickly learn about color, design and hand eye coordination with fun simple pictures to paint, without having the worry of painting outside the lines of the image!

This Lite coloring book version contains 5 pictures to color and will allow you to try the app. Look out for the full version due to be released very soon which will contain many pictures for hours of coloring fun!



Educational Games for Kids 2 apk

★★★ Perfect for Kids ages 4-10 ★★★

Let your kids unleash their imagination with Yogome's Draw & Stickers FREE

Kids can create drawings and save them on the device

Amazing Features
★ 15+ Avatars
★ 10 cool Backgrounds
★ 10+ Stickers
★ 3 Paint modes
★ 20+ Colors

The best learning games for kids only from Yogome.

This game..
– Does not contain 3rd party ads.
– Does not contain in-app purchases.
– Does not contain integration with social networks.

Questions and comments

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Knock knock, where am I? apk

We are providing you, or rather your children with a safe, well prepared, educational mobile application. We wish you only nice and funny moments with “Knock, knock, where am I?"

This educational app was created for children age 2 and over. According to the research, children at that age are likely to start using tablet computers to play, listen to fairy tales or to struggle with their first multimedia coloring pages.

This is also a good age for such experience, but children should always use multimedia tools in moderation, under great parental control and care. According to various specialists, children at kindergarten age shouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes daily using tablet computers.

Tablet computers help to develop children’s skills as well…


Max and Leo apk

Welcome to Voazoa Inc.- #1 gamified picture book app developer. Our book is designed to give another level of learning experience to readers.

Voazoa Inc’s app is proven to accelerate children’s creativity and concentration by giving kids various activities, such as puzzles, laundering, and shopping.

Max and Leo-"The Mysterious Seed"

▶ Characteristics

– Well-organized storylines in a logical sequence!
– Unique stories and fun characters – Max, Leo, Dahlia, Narcissus, and clouds!
– Voice-overs by professional voice actors!

▶ A Story about Max and Leo

Max and Leo are grandchildren of the author, Rosa. She lives in Korea, and her grandchildren live in the United States. Because she misses them so much, she has created this story about their imaginary adventure. In her story, Max and Leo, full…


Jak se dělá 3D večerníček apk

"Chtěli byste vědět, jak se dělá 3D večerníček? Máte rádi večerníček Nejmenší slon na světě? Výborně! Daman Eda totiž zrovna hledá někoho, kdo by mu pomohl s jeho novým projektem. Zkusíte to?
Jednoduchá aplikace ukáže těm nejmenším hravou formou, jak se tvoří 3D pohádka, kterou nakonec vidí jako večerníček v televizi. "


Blox 3D Junior apk

Blox 3D Junior is a fun and easy way for kids to learn 3D modelling. Create beautiful objects in a simple and intuitive manner using a single tap to place blox and double tap to delete them!

Featured by Apple in *New and Newsworthy* for one month!
Featured # 9 in Sweden,UK ,US and Canada
40,000+ downloads monthly!

Designed for ages 5 and under. Blox 3D Junior features intuitive controls and a convenient save/load option.

Use the turntable mode to rotate and build 3D models as a teaching tool. Prebuilt models are included for inspiration.


The Fingerprint Network

Blox 3D Junior is part of the Fingerprint Network of games for Learning and Play. Fingerprint offers a range of features to support the whole…


Jigsaw Animals: Kids apk

It is a scientifically proven fact that puzzles help brain development and cognitive functions, especially in children; which shows that not all things that are good must be boring, they can be fun and entertaining as well. Puzzles are one of these things- educational, fun, challenging, and allowing for mind practice. So let your kids use “Jigsaw Animals: Kids” to learn and develop while they are growing up.

Play fun and challenging puzzles that include pictures of colorful and beautiful animals such as Alligator, Cheetah, Cat, Camel, Deer, Dinosaur, Dog, Donkey, Elephant, Fox, Giraffe, Horse, Kangaroo, Lion, Monkey, Tiger, and Zebra.

The gameplay is simple, just drag the matching piece from the piece pile and put it in its place….


Animal & Toddler DressUp apk

Animal & Toddler DressUp means fun for the whole family. Discover always new combinations to amaze and to make you laugh.

Carefully created characters with bright faces, strong contrasts and pleasing colors are exactly, what toddlers like and what calls their attention. Exchangeable backgrounds, especially composed music and soundeffects for each character intensifiy the experience.

This App is very simple and intuitive operated. With one click the object is dressed or undressed. So the operation is already for small kids possible.

In addition the App can have an educational effect:
– Which hat fits best for which character?
– Which animal fits best for the Arctic? And which disagrees with the Arctic?
– Who fits best to Chinatown?…