Skipping Baby Jump apk

A simple yet fun one-tap game in which a baby skips rope.

Do you like jumping rope? Do you like babies? If you answered yes, then Skipping Baby is for you. Skipping Baby is a cute baby game in which all the baby wants to do is to skip rope quietly. But the two naughty babies keep trying to make him trip. Tap at the proper time to make the baby jump. If he does not jump at the right time, then he will trip on the skipping rope and fall.

Skipping Baby is a simple one touch game ideal for a child. It is both cute and stimulating and a perfect baby games for kids and children of all ages.


Toddler ANTS apk

(Touch & Tap Toddler App)

Ants are in the kitchen! there after the cookie on the floor, oh no!
Splat the ants with your finger!

This is a simple fun app for babies and toddlers, no missions or scores, just music and funny noises!

*Great for car rides!
*No scores or objectives
*No "game reset or time limit"

just keep playing…… no monitoring or attention required on parents behalf. — safe & FUN! —


Christmas Activity Book apk

FREE for you! Get into the holiday spirit with this virtual playground packed full of matching games, classic Christmas tales, puzzles, counting activities and more! Babies and toddlers can “turn” each page all by themselves as they discover festive new things to do like:

-Build a snowman
-Play matching games
-Sing along to Jingle Bells
-Put together puzzles of Christmas scenes
-And more!

This adorable app features the lovable characters from the hit TV network, BabyFirst – all set to joyous music and beautiful animation. Download it today for lots and lots of Yuletide fun!

About BabyFirst:
BabyFirst is a global TV network made just for babies, toddlers and parents. Developed by educational experts, all BabyFirst content is designed to introduce babies to basic building…


Jungle Care Taker apk

• No Ads
• Parental Controls

Pazu is a mobile games company that creates and publish beautiful digital games especially designed for kids.

Jungle Care Taker is an immersive experience which lets you heal and groom animals in the jungle by using unique tools. Choose which animal to take care of, diagnose a set of random problems and treat those using unique tools for that animal.
There are 6 different animals to choose from, each with their own unique tools and problems. Each animal needs to be treated differently, which makes each play through feels different. For example, the Lion may get food stuck between his teeth, while the Elephant might have his trunk tied up.
• 6 different…


The Halo apk

Make the circle jump and avoid hitting the line! The background color changes beautifully as you progress along the way.

This game is sure to make Beyoncé stop singing! Thank you for making The Halo everybody's favorite game!

Let's see how far can you go in this addicting game. Compare your score with Game Center integration. Also available on the AppStore.


Baby Animals Coloring Book apk

Allow your child to express their artistic abilities with Baby Animals Coloring Book. With over 66 cute and simple images your child will enjoy this activity at length. Large color pallet allows for easy color selection and encourages creativity. While there are no mistakes in coloring, if you choose to make and changes simply click on the eraser feature to make any changes or remove and imperfections . Promote hand eye coordination through fun coloring pages.

75 illustrations children will love to color!

Animal lovers and coloring book fans of all ages will enjoy coloring such adorable baby animals such as the happy baby Hippo or baby Rhino.

Details and Specifications:
~ 75+ baby animals…


Gummies match 3 apk

Do you love matching games!? Using your brain to play addicting games? How about adding a twist and matching gummies?
! Come on in and try this multi-level matching game that you will be addicted too!
– Connect 3 or more to get rid of a row!
– If you get more than 3 in a row you get bonus points.
– Match the object and color by tapping on a block and tapping to where you want to move it.
– The object is to line a gummy up with others of its same kind and watch your points add up!
– Tons of levels for endless gameplay!
– Great background and audio.
– Perfect for brain training!
– Great for people who like to…


쥬니어 네이버 – Jr.Naver apk

A fun and easy, picture book-like media player
– Cute characters that children love and fairytale-like background.
– Easy playback controls with gestures – as if you are flipping the pages of a picture book!

120 free downloadable contents
– The Junice series, episodes of Junice (14), a collection of children's songs (40), Safari-themed animal films (60)
– Download and play the contents you like from My Inbox.

Seamless video streaming
– Play the video clips that are downloaded in My Inbox offline.
– Control video clips in many ways, including Play, Resume and Repeat.
– Find and play another video clip while playing one.

Simple download and memory management
– Press a content icon to begin downloading.
– Press and hold a file icon to delete.
– Check the…


Brincando com Palavras apk


Agora ficou ainda mais fácil levar a Palavra Cantada para onde quiser! O PRIMEIRO APLICATIVO da dupla, “Brincando com Palavras”, une a diversão e o aprendizado em um único lugar.
Além de ver os seus vídeos favoritos da Palavra Cantada, você também pode se divertir com o JOGO das LETRAS. Para jogar é fácil! Toque nas letras e forme as palavras ao som da sua música preferida!

As crianças mais novas também vão poder se divertir com um modo exclusivo, tornando tudo ainda mais fácil e divertido. Assim, mesmo que não estejam alfabetizados a diversão está garantida!

***********DESTAQUES DO APLICATIVO************

» Músicas premiadas
» Conteúdo desenvolvido para crianças de todas…


뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로 5기 : Lite apk

온통 하얀 눈과 얼음으로 뒤덮인 뽀롱뽀롱 마을에 개구쟁이 뽀로로, 장난꾸러기 크롱, 새침떼기 루피, 말괄량이 패티, 똑똑박사 에디, 힘센 로봇 로디, 마음 착한 포비, 수다쟁이 해리, 마법사 통통이, 빨간 자동차 뚜뚜가 살고 있답니다.
생긴 것도 다르고 하고 싶은 것도 다른 친구들은 신나게 장난치고 놀면서 스스로의 장단점을 깨닫게 되고, 다른 친구들을 배려하는 마음도 배우게 됩니다.

뽀로로와 친구들의 즐거운 하루 하루를 앱으로 감상해 보세요!

★ 콘텐츠 구성
– 1화 모두 사이 좋은 친구
– 2화 크롱의 소원
– 오프닝 영상 보기
– 엔딩 영상 보기

★ 캐릭터 소개
– 뽀로로 : 호기심 많은 꼬마 펭귄
– 크롱 : 귀여운 말썽꾸러기 아기 공룡
– 루피 : 수줍은 많은 소녀 비버
– 패티 : 활달하고 명랑한 소녀 펭귄
– 에디 : 영리한 발명왕 꼬마 여우
– 포비 : 마음씨 착한…