Kidoodle.TV TV Shows for Kids apk

. `Up to 5 profiles per household have unlimited access to thousands of hours of quality brand-name entertainment and educational shows.

NEW!! . Upload your cute and funniest home videos for your whole family to see. `

Features and Highlights:
· NEW!! Family Moments™
· 6,000 + videos of brand-name cartoons and educational programming
· Parental Analytics – helping parents encourage good viewing habits
· Time limits
· Bedtime Curfews
· Title selection
· Content filtering by age
· Up to 5 profiles, each customizable by color and avatar
· Passcode protection between profiles
· Wifi-only option to restrict access
· Ongoing content and feature updates


Kids Music Free Puzzle apk

Kids Music Free Puzzle is educational and entertaining game for your toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten age children. This app will help your kids learn the most popular musical instruments, like guitar, violin, trumpet, chimes, piano, drums and many more and the sounds that each of them makes, while developing their puzzle solving and memory skills and hand eye coordination. Game consists of 25 different music instruments and 3 different types of games with realistic sounds and high definition quality pictures which your kids will love.

Kids Music Free Puzzle game is nice, simple, fun and colorful game and it’s made to be easily usable by children on an intuitive and comfortable learning process. It is a kid-friendly free puzzle game…


Black Belt Recorder White Lite apk

Black Belt Recorder is one of the most popular recorder learning methods in the world. It’s now here on PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod & Android! This app is a great free companion to the book.

If you are a BlackBeltRecorder, SongTorch, or IJAMEd website registered user the IJAMEd Cloud will track your progress, your awarded stars and your avatar. You teacher can also track your progress and you can graduate on the teachers version of this program in front of your whole class by Recorder Man, a funny animated character.

This is a fully interactive and exciting way to learn to play the descant or soprano recorder. New notes, new rhythms, symbols, articulation, finger posture, breath control and even automatic TESTING are…


Read & Play Kids Stories Songs apk

jajajajan is an educational children’s app that lets kids watch, read and listen to animated stories.

Read, Learn, play, and dance!
A new tablet and smartphone educational app for kids. Jajajajan is a new app in kid's education for smartphone and tablet. Experience communicating better and fostering your child's curiosity while playing in Prince Jajaja's kingdom.

* Kids Stories
Animated traditional folk/fairy tales and original stories can be enjoyed – just like watching a cartoon!

* Kids Songs
Children’s songs from around the world featuring various musical arrangements!

= World Fairy Tales =
Three Little Pigs    ★FREE
The Little Match Seller ★FREE
Jack and The Beanstalk ★FREE
Little Red Riding Hood
The Dog and Its Reflection
The Golden Axe
The North Wind and the Sun

= Japanese Fairy Tales =
Kasajizou ★FREE
Omusubi Karolin (Rolling Rice Ball Story)
Momotaro (Samurai…


Piano music for toddlers apk

This colorful "Baby Piano" promotes the development of sentience your baby or small child.
It includes a children's song played slowly to enact and authentic drums.
In case of contact the piano activates small animal animations and optional vibration to arouse the child's curiosity. Add drums sounds to children's songs to create exciting musical performances.
Multitouch by a plurality of keys can be pressed, as it is possible also in reality.


– Realistic sounds
– Children's songs for replay
– Different rhythms as background
– HD graphics
– Selectable vibration on keypress
– Full multi-touch support
– Interactive Vibrations


NRK Super apk

Se NRK Super når og hvor du vil!

Her finner du alle barnas favorittprogrammer fra NRK Super, de kan se TV-programmer direkte eller om igjen. Appen er designet for barnefingre med store trykkflater og gjenkjennelige bilder, det er lett å finne innhold selv og videoer spilles av umiddelbart i stor skjerm.

Appen er personlig for barna og den kan ha flere profiler dersom flere barn bruker samme mobil eller nettbrett. Innhold som er best egnet for de eldste barna, kan enkelt skjules på profiler for små barn.

Vi anbefaler at du bruker NRK Super-appen med trådløst nettverk.

Dennne appen trenger følgende tilganger:
– Dine bilder – for at man skal kunne velge et bilde som sitt profilbilde
– Kamera – for at man…


Dibo1, gift dragon by ToMoKiDS apk

♥ The gift dragon, Dibo, Korean EBS(Educational Broadcasting System) Popular Animation!

♥ Exciting Stories with the gift dragon, DIBO who gives gifts EVERYDAY!

★★★★★ Opening Event! “3 Episodes” FREE!!

Welcome to Cozyland full of exciting stories with Dibo and friends!! (ALL~ English)

■ Introduction

Cozyland is a village of puppets where everything is made out of soft fabrics.

Here, puppet friends live in harmony with lots of dreams and imaginations.

– DIBO : the dragon presenting fantastic gifts everyday
– ANNIE : an excellent cook, a gentle girl
– BUNNY : a cute rabbit loving herself a lot
– ELO : an elephant with his fire truck
– CRO : a smart crow pointing out the rights and the wrongs all the time

√2006 Popular animation in EBS TV (Korea)
√2005 win a Pulcinella…


Yle Lasten Areena apk

Sovelluksesta löytyy sekä tv:stä tuttuja että vain Lasten Areenassa julkaistuja lastenohjelmia jaoteltuna iän ja kielen mukaan. Pikku Kakkonen tarjoaa ohjelmia perheen pienemmille, ja Galaxi on koululaisten oma tv. BUU-klubben tarjoaa ruotsinkielistä lastenohjelmaa pienemmille ja Hajbo kouluikäisille.

Sovellukseen julkaistaan uutta sisältöä päivittäin.

Sovellusta voi käyttää suomen- tai ruotsinkielisenä. Sovellus toimii puhelimella ja tabletilla ja vaatii vähintään Android 4.0 käyttöjärjestelmän.

Osa ohjelmista on tekijänoikeussyistä rajattu vain Suomessa katseltavaksi.

Huom! Mikäli median toistossa on ongelmia, voit kokeilla vaihtaa mediasoitinta ja pudottaa videon maksimilaatua sovelluksen asetuksista.

Applikationen innehåller både barnprogram ur tv-utbudet och program som enbart publiceras i Barnens Arena. Programmen är grupperade enligt ålder och språk. På svenska innehåller BUU-klubben programmen för de yngre barnen, medan Hajbo bjuder på program för barn i skolåldern. På finska…


Magic Piano Free apk

It's a fun app that will keep kids entertained while they learn and explore the music

The songs and all music in general holds wonderful things : we are happy , conveys messages, we use it as a way to communicate and more.

Children can develop their hidden musical talents !
The adults remember their childhood again !
The whole family played and will play songs together !

• stimulate the intellectual, auditory , sensory, and motor speech of children.
• Increase the skills of listening, memorizing and concentrating.
• They feed the imagination and creativity of children.
• Power sociability, causing children to better relate with their peers.

In addition , children's songs help create an ideal climate for children to have fun while exploring music.

Languages ​​:


Online Piano Lessons for Songs apk

Learn how to play popular songs on piano with the only virtual piano tutorial application. Our one of a kind player allows you to fully control your piano learning experience with up to 13 awesome features.

The Online Pianist app includes thousands of piano lessons for popular songs, arranged by artists, difficulty level or music genres including Pop, Rock, R&B, Classical, Christmas, New Age, Films & TV, Traditional, Games and more!

Our unique piano tutorial player will allow you to design your personal learning experience based on your current level and progress, using the following awesome features:

– Individual Hand Practice – Learn how to play each hand part separately.

– Speed – Adjust the song speed based on your progress. …