Biblionario apk

Biblionario es el juego que te ayudara a evaluar tus conocimientos Bíblicos, posee 3 Niveles de 5 Preguntas cada uno, posee comodines que te ayudarán cuando no recuerdes alguna respuesta.

"Escudriñad las Escrituras; porque a vosotros os parece que en ellas tenéis la vida eterna; y ellas son las que dan testimonio de mí" Juan 5:39

Introducción al juego:
* El jugador debe responder correctamente a 15 preguntas
* Puede utilizar 3 comodines
* Al llegar al final tienes la satisfacción de que tus conocimientos bíblicos son buenos.

¡Dios te continue Bendiciendo!

Este Juego es una idea de UDIB para la motivación de la celebración del Día Internacional de la Biblia.

Si tienes comentarios o necesitas ayuda, contáctanos


World Singers Pop Art Quiz apk

How good are you at recognizing a face in a crazy drawing? The portraits of the most well-known singers have been redrawn in a Pop Art insane manner that even Andy Warhol would disapprove, and now it’s your turn to guess who it is!

World Singers Pop Art Quiz is easy to play, very addictive, and suitable for the whole family. Really the best way to discover the most popular voices that exist!

World Singers Pop Art Quiz is lots of fun whether you are alone or with friends. Start playing right away and soon you will see how fast you become an expert at discerning key facial elements of faces you know by heart!

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What is hidden? apk

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What is hidden ? # 1 smash-hit word puzzle game. Let your imagination run wild in this groundbreaking game. UgadayteIzobrazhenie new favorite game of all . Learn why now !

Simple and familiar gameplay you know and love
Improved classic game with a completely new look

Hundreds of hidden pictures – you can guess what they are?

New hallucinogenic PIC based quiz game !

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Find Difference: Landscapes apk

Find the Differences: Landscapes is an absorbing game that's also known as "search for the differences." The classic rules for the game are: You have to find ten differences in the two pictures. At a difficult moment, a hint will help that will show the area where a difference is located. The game will appeal to both adults and children!

Why this is the best game:

1) the 50 levels will draw you in;
2) there are no annoying time limits: find the differences without rushing;
3) you can zoom in on a picture to discern all the tiny differences;
4) the game is optimized for smartphones, as well as for tablets;
5) a simple and colorful interface, and pleasant sound accompaniment;
6) global rating of…


V for Voodoo apk

Is there someone out there who really pisses you off? It's payback time! Take revenge on your enemies with over 20 ferocious punishments! Blow off some steam and have a blast with this fun voodoo-doll simulator!
Make your voodoo doll into an effigy of your victim by adding a photo or burning his name into it! Punish your foes with whatever ingenious torment you can imagine: you can stab him, set him on fire, rub salt into his open wounds, spit on him… and that's just the beginning! Cast magic spells and make enemies pay!
– Make a voodoo doll that looks just like your enemy!
– Cast powerful magic spells with amazing results!
– Enjoy cool bonuses for sophisticated hexes!
– Immerse yourself…


Logo Quiz – Football Clubs apk

Guess the logos of different football clubs!
? Throughout the game you'll be presented with a bunch of different level packs, each containing logos of various football clubs.
More than ~120 logos of different football clubs!

For every logo you can use 3 hints.

★ it's free!
★ 6 levels!
★ more than ~120 logos of different football clubs
★ for every logo in the quiz, there are 3 hints that help you
★ detailed statistics!
★ many hours of fun gameplay
★ detailed information from wikipedia
★ frequent application updates!

More levels coming soon!

All logos shown or represented in this game are copyright and or trademark of their respective football clubs.


Line the Difference 28 apk

Spot the differences between these two pictures? If you can't, guess it.

Classic Find the difference puzzles, known as 'Photohunt' game. The goal is to guess the differences between 2 photos.

Free new 50 images every week !!! Find it !!!
This puzzle game offers you a massive of game level. You can play hidden object with your friend and your family, it's all free.

Download Find the difference free now. Best game to play in your holiday.

Merry christmas and happy new year. Welcome 2015.


Millionaire Wheel apk

Millionaire Wheel is a fun and exciting game with English phrases. Spin the wheel and pick the right letter to collect highest points possible. Try your luck and guess the phrase.

DISCLAIMER: "Millionaire Wheel" has no endorsement from, no relationship with, and is not affiliated with the official "Wheel of Fortune" game or TV show.


Harry Potter Quiz & Trivia apk

How much do you know about Harry Potter books and movies? Are you a real fan? Test your Harry Potter books knowledge by taking this Quiz & Trivia challenge.

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The series chronicles the adventures of a young wizard, Harry Potter, the titular character, and his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Did you know that Dumbledore is an Old English word for “bumblebee.”? Rowling said she chose the name because she pictured Dumbledore humming to himself.

Did you know that the first Harry Potter book was published in 1998, the same year the final…


Guess that Emoji apk

Guess that Emoji is an Emoji puzzle solving game with 600 totally new levels to try.

The Emoji pops onto the screen and you have to guess the emoji. Simple, addictive and fun picture trivia quiz game for all the family.

Use Hints if you get stuck:
Ask your friends and family on Facebook by sending a screenshot.
Compete the Puzzle: Will solve the puzzle for you allowing you to progress.
Expose a Letter: Will show a random letter which helps you on the right path.
Remove Letters: Will remove all unused letters for that puzzle to make things easier.

High Definition for enabled devices.

Let the fun begin. Download Now!

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