Series 1 apk

Series – where learning and fun are combined. This new, highly educational game teaches your child about the world of relations. In this game your child learns to arrange objects in a series based on various principles such as shape, color, size and quantity. The game develops primary math concepts such as size and quantity, visual perception skills, such as visual differentiation, fine motor skills and with parental assistance can develop language skills.

Series 1 is designed for children aged 3.5+

Series 2 is designed for children aged 4+

Series 3 is designed for children aged 4.5+

HOW TO PLAY: The game consists of several boards. Each board contains 5 items that are all part of a series randomly placed in a row. The…


ABC Flash Cards For Kids apk

If we teach anything with fun to kids they will learn very fast without get tedious & capture all the things very quickly. ABC Flash Cards is a very nice game for toddlers to teach them alphabets in different way. Different words for each alphabet will be shown with animated images & sounds. Touch on words & image as per given indication to show amazing animations. Get ready to learn with fun with this amazing educational toddler game.

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Pororo ABC apk

■ Pororo ABC Introduction
Pororo and his friends Crong, Loopy, Eddy, Petty, Poby and Harry bring some fun & exciting plays!
Let's start 'Alphabet Phonics Play' with Pororo and friends!
Welcome to Phonics ABC town where we can play and learn with Pororo.

■ Pororo ABC Contents

1. Pororo Phonics 25 Songs (alphabet A~Z)
"Pororo and friends are singing Phonics Songs!
Children naturally can memorize Alphabets and words by singing along the Phonics songs~"

2. Easy and Fun Pororo Play contents
"Fun Play with Pororo and Easy UI for children!
Taking photos with Pororo and Singing, Listening, Reading, Writing and Quizes for learning Alphabet naturally!"


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– Do you worry…


Animal Match-Up: Game for Kids apk

From the hit TV station BabyFirst comes another playful interactive kids’ app, Animal Match Up! Introduce your little one to animals with this amusing and adorable matching game for tots!

Your toddler can flip through the heads, bodies, and tails of several animals and try to complete a perfect match. Created specifically for young and growing minds, Animal Match Up challenges toddlers with the concept of matching while providing an introduction to animals.

* Introduces animals and the concept of matching
* Explore hand-eye coordination
* Bright colors and cheerful sounds keep young ones smiling
* Tested by babies and toddlers
* Brought to you by the leading global TV network for babies and parents
* Inspires development of reasoning skills

Animal Match Up…


Touch Tales: The Story Forest apk

3D Interactive Pop-up books right at your fingertips
Happy Holidays!

"Fairy Tales" is a collection of 8 classical fairy tales in new 3D, interactive, pop-up look right at your fingertips! Read at your own pace, follow along as each story is read to you, play mini games and help your favorite characters!

"Fairy Tales" offers 8 classical fairy tales. More is coming soon.

1. The Three Little Pigs fairy tale – FREE
2. The Wooden Hut
3. Mother Snow fairy tale
4. The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids fairy tale
5. Cinderella fairy tale
6. The Princess and the Pea fairy tale
7. The Enormous Turnip fairy tale
8. Goldilocks and the three bears fairy tale

• Interactive 3D pop-up scenes
• Narrated by 9 professional actors


Preschool Learning Shapes apk

Gameiva brings the best ever way to learn shapes for preschool kids. There are lots of different fun activities featured in this game having many different games and tasks which will help the kids to learn the different shapes very easily. Learn to use all the different shapes in various different images. Select any of the shapes and then choose any of the different activity you that you will be having in each of the different shapes. This educational game for kids will help the kids to learn the shapes in and figures very easily.


1) Select any of the different options of shapes in the main page.
2) Complete lot of different activity for each of the shapes like painting,…


Let’s Learn Fruits & Veggies apk

This is a completely new game for kids to help them learn about all the basic food items that we eat. This game by Gameiva which is especially for kids will help them learn the shapes and names of all the fruits and vegetables. Choose from any of the difficulty level and start the game. There are a lot of different variety broken fruits and vegetables in the game. Combine and join all those broken pieces and finish each level.


1) So many different varieties of fruits and vegetables in the game.
2) Choose the difficulty as per your confidence in solving it.
3) Combine all the broken pieces in to its perfect to complete all the fruits and veggies successfully.


Safety Signs for Kids apk

It's never too early to teach children the basics of security.
Teaching children about the different safety signals can help to protect them from everyday accidents and dangers.

Learn the sefety signals with your child and help him to understand how to stay safe from dangers.

The main purpose of this App is helping children to learn the main safety signals, their meaning and how they can be helpful to stay safe from dangers.
In the app you'll find the most common signals that you can find in public places and on product labels.

The signals are divided in the following categories:

– danger and warning;
– ban;
– duty;
– security/fire hazard;
– dangerous chemical products' labels.

This App is useful to sensitize children from 7 to…


Kindergarten Activities apk

Try before buying. If you like this app, please consider purchasing the full version.

Kindergarten Activities is a collection of 70 exciting educational games for your preschool children (Grades Pre-K and K)


* Developed by California credentialed teachers.
* 70 different games that teach kids about colors, shapes, size, letters, numbers, words, matching and math.
* Dozens of sounds and voice recordings of colors, letters, fruit names, animals, numbers, shapes and more.
* Designed for preschool children — no confusing menus or navigation.
* Unlimited play! Each game flows right into the next.
* Earn stickers as you complete the lessons.


Fairy Tale Puzzles for Kids apk

Fun fairy puzzles game for kids and toddlers from ages 1 to 6 featuring many cute cartoon figures from fairy tales such as a forest fairy and her animal friends, a mermaid and her underwater friends, the ice queen, alice playing tea party, a fairy riding her unicorn pony and more in 29 shape & tangram puzzle games!

When a fairy puzzle is completed kids are rewarded with a variety of fun celebrations and interactions such as balloon popping.

The fun matching activities help improve visual perception, knowledge of shapes & develop fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces to match their holes. Perfect games for preschooler kids.

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• Original high quality cartoon…