Download Parking 3D 2014 apk

Think you’re a pro at getting your car into and out of tight parking spots without a scratch? Then put your skills to the test and see if you can outmaneuver the best valets out there.

Slip behind the wheel of one of many realistic vehicles and navigate a 3D landscape full of traffic cones, concrete barriers, and other obstacles. Try to park your car as fast as you can without dinging its paint job – if you do, it’s game over!

Use the intuitive touchscreen controls to maneuver your car. Turn the steering wheel right or left while pressing on the gas to accelerate and hitting the brake to slow down. The shifter lets you go forward or backward as you execute K turns, slip through rows of traffic cones, and squeeze past concrete barriers. Make sure you avoid other cars too.

You also have a rearview mirror that lets you flip between two views of the action: a wide, elevated look at the big picture and a driver’s point-of-view that puts you up-close-and-personal with the parking tests.

Get into that parking spot as fast as you can to earn trophies and work your way through increasingly difficult levels of driving fun. Ready to put the key in the ignition and rev the engine?


• Realistically detailed 3D graphics

• 40 increasingly difficult levels

• A wide variety of sporty vehicles and challenging landscapes

• Easy-to-use touchscreen controls

• FREE on Google Play