Download Planes, Cars & Trains Puzzles apk

The "Planes, Cars & Trains Puzzles" game is a classical jigsaw puzzle game with loads of various vehicles, such as motorcycles, planes, trains, cars, trucks. Well, you name it the game has it!

With 4 different puzzle sizes it's suitable for kids of any age. Play with 6, 9, 12 or 16 puzzle pieces and adaptable puzzle background to further make the game easier or more difficult.

If your child shows an interest in different vehicles, this is the game for him/her. Space shuttles, mc, cars, 2-wheelers, monster trucks, and much more. Don't just get a puzzle with a still image of a vehicle. These puzzles are action-packed capturing exciting and fascinating moments.

Features of this game includes:
* Over 20 puzzles in the full game
* One single in-app purchase to unlock all puzzles
* Child-safe in-app purchase
* No advertisement
* Rewards for each puzzle
* 4 different puzzle sizes and adjustable puzzle background