Download Qibla apk

Qibla is an app that helps our fellow Muslims across the world, in espying the true direction of Qibla (قبلة‎‎). This brilliant app points to Kabba by displaying a user friendly compass that has an exceptional needle that points to Qibla.
All you are required to do is to place your device parallel to or overlapping with a flat and horizontal surface and calibrate the device sensors by moving around it. While doing so, make sure that you keep your device away from any equipment that may emit electomagnetic radiations. Moreover, the app will surely expose to view an aiding warning in case your isn't placed correctly.
The Qibla locator app automatically detects your location, but never transmits it. For the app to work offline, you may manually enter your location in the app and it shall work just as fine as it would do otherwise.
The app being loaded with appealing graphics, the Qibla icon can rotate, should you choose to make it do so, simply by rotating your device.
The respectable followers of Islam may download this amiable app immediately to go through their daily Namaz at home, their Masjid or elsewhere.