Download Ramble Planet apk

You have crashed on Badmark, a hostile frontier planet and tourist hotspot. You must scour this alien world to find replacement parts for your spaceship, while befriending or battling its strange denizens.

Ramble Planet is a scavenger hunt RPG set in a unique sci-fi world. It was created with the OHRRPGCE game creation engine. It contains no advertising or in-app purchases. Features include:

*Free-roaming gameplay!
*A sprawling world!
*Numerous puzzles and secrets!
*3 playable races with unique agendas!
*Groovy music!

Instructions: Collect PARTS for your ship before leaving the planet. D-pad is for movement. Left button opens the menu. Right buttons selects menu options. Interact with characters and objects by bumping into them.

If you are stuck on a puzzle, e-mail me for hints.