Download RapiTap! Lite (Accessible) apk

The perfect short, fast-paced, heart racing game!

Tap the yellow circles as fast as you can, but avoid the red crosses. Sound easy? The concept might be, but see if you think so by the time you get to "Impossible!" mode in the full version of the game.

This Lite version is only a taste of the adrenaline pumping, heart racing action awaiting you in the full version, but don't worry, even the “Tango to Twelve” level included in this lite version is challenging and fast!

In the lite version you get:

– 3 of the 12 game modes / levels from the full version.
– 3 of the 11 board sizes from the full version (from full screen to 10×12 grid in full game, full screen to 3×4 grid in lite).
– Suits all players, those with limited reflexes through to robots with lightning fast reactions.
– Great for children – uses eye-hand coordination.
– Fully Talkback accessible – also ideal for developing and practising “Explore by touch” skills.

In the full version you will also get:
– 4 themes, from easy to see bright shapes and solid colours, to the challenging “Stripes of confusion”
– More options (ability to start app right in game, rather than starting on options screen, more control over in-game TTS options, more detailed game statistics and ability to adjust in-game speech.
– The satisfaction of having supported a small indie developer committed to making quality apps which are accessible to everyone.

Speed of the game is based on your reaction time, so you really are playing against yourself.

RapiTap is one of the first accessible, real time reaction based games available for Android and is a quick adrenaline rush for anyone, fully sighted or not.

Please E-Mail us with any ideas, suggestions or bugs in order for us to improve your playing experience – all feedback welcome.

Most importantly, please enjoy the game!

Kind regards

The team at 22 Point.