Download Safety Signs for Kids apk

It's never too early to teach children the basics of security.
Teaching children about the different safety signals can help to protect them from everyday accidents and dangers.

Learn the sefety signals with your child and help him to understand how to stay safe from dangers.

The main purpose of this App is helping children to learn the main safety signals, their meaning and how they can be helpful to stay safe from dangers.
In the app you'll find the most common signals that you can find in public places and on product labels.

The signals are divided in the following categories:

– danger and warning;
– ban;
– duty;
– security/fire hazard;
– dangerous chemical products' labels.

This App is useful to sensitize children from 7 to 11 years old about the importance of health and safety and to improve observation, logical and reasoning skills.
Introducing the basics of health and safety to young children is helpful to create the bases for safe and secure habits of life.