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Have passed those times when it was necessary to buy the collection for a solution of a mathematical puzzle Ā«SudokuĀ» and after its decision buy new. Having established our application, owing to the built in generator of puzzles sudoku, you will provide yourself with new tasks not for one evening.
The application has two modes of generation of new tasks. In the first, new puzzles are generated completely by accidental image. In this mode, by pressing an empty cell, you should choose digit which, in your opinion, is the decision of the task. If you will be mistaken, the field remains empty and the number of available attempts will decrease.
The second mode assumes creation sudoku on the basis of templates. They are exposed to mathematical transformations, however tasks remain equivalent, though and not similar. In this mode number chosen by You, without dependence from his correctness, will emerge in the field. After filling empty cells you should press a key "To check up" and check up sudoku. But remember, at you only ONE attempt for check.