Download TChat – Live Streams & Chat apk

What Is TChat For Twitch?

TChat was designed to be used as a chat app specifically for Twitch streams. The idea is to be able to use the TChat app just like you would with other messenger apps, except you will be connecting with the Twitch servers and streamers channels.

What makes us different to the standard Twitch app? Our chats are persistent. Currently if you leave the official Twitch app or switch channel you will lose your chat session. TChat keeps all chats alive and messages continue unless you manually disconnect, even when you leave the app. You can look back through the chat history and use channels like many other popular messaging apps. You will still be able to watch live streams, past broadcasts and highlights.

If you are the type of person who stays in a Twitch streamers channel 24/7 then this chat app is for you!

This app is still in development so please expect some bugs.

TChat Features:

• Leave the TChat app and come back at anytime to continue where you left off, your chat will be waiting.
• Always connected and never miss a thing. A history chat log will continue in case you miss anything.
• See the Twitch emotes and even send subscriber and global emotes with our easy emote selector.
• Keep your Twitch nickname colour and see friends original Twitch nickname colours.
• The app will auto-complete users nicknames in the text field for easy mentions.
• Automatically add your followed Twitch channels when first logging in.
• Dark / night time theme option setting.
• Subscriber, moderator, broadcaster and turbo icons are visible.
• Sound/vibrate notifications. Get notified when you are mentioned in chat, even when the app is closed.
• View the user list and moderator list.
• Ignore list included with the possibility to add and remove users from your ignore list.
• Connect with OAuth, a safe way to connect to your Twitch account.
• Change the font size of the chat screen.
• Turn the time stamps on or off.
• Option to never dim or turn off the phone screen.

TChat Planned Features:

• Watch previous streams and highlights.

TChat Tips:

• Please note, if you have not chosen a particular username colour in the original Twitch website, a random colour will be picked for you in TChat.
• If the app disconnects from the server and wont reconnect, try pressing 'Disconnect All' and then reconnect to the channels.
• If connecting to multiple channels, please note this will cause vast amounts of data and battery usage.
• Press 'Discconect All' to stop data usage and battery usage. Or you can disconnect from each channel individually from the right side menu of the channel.

Permissions Explained:

Most of our Android permissions are self-explanatory, however we would like to explain the following:

• Write/Read External Storage (Needed to save and load the history log and other TChat information only).
• Coarse Location (This allows us to show you relevant ads. Coarse location is approximate, it does not use your GPS and only knows your country/approximate state the same as any web browser would).

Please note, TChat is not affiliated with Twitch Interactive, Inc. in anyway whatsoever.

Please find contributors copyrights and licence information on our website.

This app and TChat text logo is © 2015 Scott Chambers, TChat. All rights reserved.