Download Whisper – Share, Express, Meet apk

Be your honest self, share a secret or confession, and meet new people. Whisper, an anonymous social network, empowers people to be their honest self to a community built around trust and honesty.

If you’ve ever had something, like a secret or confession, that you didn’t want to share on traditional social networks, then Whisper is for you! Say what you want without worrying that your friends or followers will judge you and find positive support from like-minded people around the world.

Discover the world around you in a new way. Thoughts, secrets, true talk, and issues that others feel and express on Whisper could be exactly how you’ve always felt. Instead of the “curated highlight reel” that you see on other social networks, Whisper empowers people to be open, honest and their true self. Ask advice and vent your innermost thoughts without the fear of someone judging you like on traditional social networks. True and honest talk. Think of it as your own incog, confessional booth with no yenta to worry about. Anonymous friendships can be stronger and more meaningful than other real life relationships you have on other social networks.

How it works:

Whispers are text with an image behind it, kind of like a meme. You can quickly create a whisper to convey your thoughts and easily pick a photo from a vast and available gallery or use one of your own. Others can reply to Whispers with Whispers of their own, hearts, or chat back. It’s really new, creative, easy and fun!


• Anonymous profiles means that you won’t need any email, phone number, or signup process to get started. Just download the app and start enjoying!
• Express yourself with a vast selection of photos and creative fonts
• Thoughts, ideas, issues, questions, advice, confession, and joys make great Whispers
• Discover topics from around the world that you are interested in
• Chat with others with FREE private messaging
• Discover true talk from places around you, like your school
• Ask advice and questions, or just vent, with others like yourself in a community built around trust and honesty
• Oh, and it’s 100% free!

Whisper is an anonymous community where anonymity can only be used as a shield and not as a sword. Community guidelines are not to be mean or gross, be safe by not sharing personal information, and not to break the law using Whisper. Content not in line with this guidelines will be policed and users removed. Please guide yourself using the golden rule of treating others as you would to be treated. Treat yo’self! 🙂