Download Word Galaxy apk

Join this amazing journey and discover an universe of words that help you increase your vocabulary and improve your spelling while having fun.

Explore each planet and complete all levels of the galaxy from the easiest to the most challenging!

The perfect game for those who love words, puzzles and challenges. Great to play alone, with friends or family!

– Swipe your finger across each letter to build the correct word, moving up, down, left, right or diagonally.
– Whenever you complete a puzzle, you will earn coins for your trip.

We know that sometimes things get harder but do not worry! Throughout the game you can use tips that will help you to solve the puzzle.

Solve the daily challenge to win extra coins for your trip!

Log in with Facebook and play with your friends to see who gets further! Show them that you are a real word explorer!

Because the universe is infinite … new words, levels, planets and galaxies are added regularly so this adventure never ends!

Ready for the trip? 3, 2 ,1…Let’s go!