Download YAX – Truly you apk

Share your thoughts freely with YAX!

Here it’s not your identity that matters, it's what you tell that makes you unique.

Be yourself through free expression!

Share what you feel and whatever is on your mind: a crush, a doubt, tough moments, humor or intimate thoughts.

See in real time the Yax posted near you, comment, react and start a private conversation with other users!

Create and share you Yax in the blink of an eye: your text, your image, let your creativity shine !

A free and confidential network. YAX, it’s truly you.

Main functions:
– Share your thoughts and ideas with style: type a text and choose a photo from millions of images.
– Discover the new Yax in real time and check out the most popular ones posted nearby, in your city, your neighborhood, or your school.
– Don’t miss your favorite contents: customize your feed by adding #hashtags, users or cities to your faves.
– Give your opinion on the Yax that draw your attention and reply anonymously to their authors.
– Start private conversations with your “Contacts”.
– Choose a username and modify it at any time to remain 100% anonymous.
– Find at any moment the Yax that you have posted or that you were touched by.
– Receive an alert in real time as soon as someone has reacted to your Yax or has sent you a private message.