Download Yelago – Challenge your Friend apk

Experience a brand new way to challenge your friends. Now, with Yelago, you can challenge your friends on any interesting and funny topic:

You’re a fan of a football team? Challenge your friends on the score of the next game.
You love this incredible TV show? Which one of your friends will figure out who gets eliminated tonight?
William is always late? Challenge his friends to know if he will be on time tonight at the restaurant!
Katy is passing her driving license exam tomorrow. Which of her friends believe she will pass or fail?
You are a super fan of this music star? It seems that your friends don’t believe you will be able to get a selfie with him after his next concert?
Will the next Royal Baby be a girl?

Yelago is the new generation of social gaming offering a true Friend2Friend social experience through a mobile application.

In a few clicks, create your own challenge, that we call PICK on Yelago, share it among your friends and choose your side!

Yelago is a gaming platform based on a virtual currency named Yelacoins.
You will receive Yelacoins to start playing, and more each time you create a pick or invite friends to join one.
Dare to take positions against the mass of players in order to maximize your gain in Yelacoins.

What you can do and find on Yelago

=> In a few steps, create your own pick (title, answers, categories) add a great picture and even hashtags.

=> Invite your Facebook friends to participate to the picks you have created or joined.

=> Are you missing ideas of new games? No problem, check Friends Picks, where you will see all that happens in your friends’ community. You can also check Official Picks, in which Yelago will propose great challenges. Then, just choose your side and jump in!

=> Comment and share the pick you have joined or created.

=> Duplicate any Pick if you want to copy and share it into your network of friends.

=> Check your social rank: just you and your Facebook friends registered on Yelago, or your global rank to measure your performance.