Download Zombi Adventum apk

Have you ever thought how you can survive a zombie apocalypse?

Zombi Adventum is the game that puts you into a zombie attack. In this role playing game you will fight against brain eaters zombies.

You will find weapons, ammunition and items to craft new medkits and more powerful weapons.

But you won't be alone. There are more survivors and they will join you. There will be battles where strategy is the key.

Your choices will be important as well. The story will change upon them and you will reach different endings.

Main features:

– RPG, Your character will level up and improve their skills..
– Different weapons, melee, firearms, explosives…
– Turn based combat, tactics will be useful.
– Several characters, with different skills.
– Item crafting, using resources that will be found through the world.

Free-to-play. Game can be unlocked to get complete adventure.

Ads will be removed after unlocking the game.